The Team

Mr. Kinley Wangchuk


HR and Manager

Expatriate Technology Team (Indian)

Shiju SS

Chief AI Engineer

Experience: 9 years in AI, 6years in R & D, 3+ years in Industry

Jayesh Pai

Data Scientist

Experience: 11 years in UI, 3+ years in data visualization

Asif Salim

AI Enginner

Experience: 5ears in AI, 3 years in R & D

Vinayak Muraleedharan

AI Enginner/Core Developer

EXP: 3 years in AI, 1 year in IoT, 1year in KSEB

Bharat Narayan

Data Scientist/AI Enginner/Core Developer

EXP: 9 years in AI

Jaffin MK

AI Enginner/Core Developer

EXP: 3 years in AI, 3 years in IoT, 3+ years as Entrepreneur & freelancer

Rajin Das

Chief Architect/ Fintech

EXP: 15 years in designing, developing, and implementing large scale Islamic banking and Finance projects

Bipson Tom Thomas

Systems Engineer/ Database Architect

EXP: 12 years in designing, developing & implementing finace projects

Justin Das

Senior Developer

EXP: 6.5 years in developing& implementing fiancé projects